World Cup players to get access to mental health app as part FIFA collab

Fans will enjoy 50% off subscriptions to guarantee that the entire global football community has access to Calm’s mental wellness tools.

The top-rated app for sleep, meditation and relaxation, Calm, has been named by FIFA as the “Official Mindfulness and Meditation Product” of the FIFA World Cup 2022, FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, and FIFAe Nations Cup 2023.

Prior to the start of the FIFA World Cup 2022 this month, Calm and FIFA have teamed up to provide resources to assist ithe world’s football community when it comes to mental health.

All athletes, coaches, and training personnel involved in the men’s and women’s World Cups will receive complimentary Calm subscriptions as part of the collaboration, along with the FIFA employees and the tens of thousands of volunteers who are assisting in organising the world’s largest football tournament.

Additionally, ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022 and other FIFA events, fans will enjoy 50% off subscriptions to guarantee that the entire global football community has access to Calm’s mental wellness tools.

Worldwide, Calm has assisted many individuals in finding a boost in their overall mental health, whether it comes from improved sleep or a stronger feeling of mental health. Users of the app reported an 84% better mental state, 81% less stress, and 73% better sleep quality.

“Mental and physical health are equal partners in the combined well-being of a person, and care for both must be seen as integral in caring for the footballing family,” said Andrew Massey, FIFA’s Director of Medical.

“As a sporting community, we need to create an environment that better supports mental well-being and mental health. The well-being of footballers at all levels of the game has always been and will always be the top priority of FIFA, as can be seen with this collaboration,” he added.

In addition to the Calm membership deal, FIFA and Calm will work together to provide mindfulness materials that will aid football fans to “find their calm” both during and after games.

The football community, including FIFA’s 211 member associations, will be the target audience for a series of webinars and instructional online events that explore how mindfulness is essential to the wellbeing of high-performance players, gamers, the workforce, and fans. 

Any professional athlete who has experienced mental health issues is invited to participate in the collaboration between FIFA and Calm.

Through its #ReachOut campaign, which aims to increase awareness of the signs of mental health disorders, motivate people to get assistance when they need it, and inspire them to take daily steps toward better mental health, FIFA is committed to utilising football as a tool to support mental health internationally.

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