Why is Mbappe deliberately hiding the logo of beer brand Budweiser in photos?

Kylian Mbappe has been ‘deliberately hiding’ Budweiser’s logo in his man of the match photographs to avoid promoting the alcohol brand at the World Cup.

France’s star forward Kylian Mbappe has been “deliberately” hiding Budweiser’s name in his “Man of the Match” photographs to avoid promoting the beer brand at the World Cup, according to reports.

According to L’Equipe, Mbappe has been intentionally turning the award, which he has won three times so far, to ensure that the Budweiser logo is not on display in the photographs.

France’s star forward has not yet held a single press conference in Qatar to avoid appearing with the alcohol brand’s logo, reports have said.

The French Football Federation, who have offered Mbappe their full support during his press conference boycott, have decided to pay any fines picked up by players over refusing to speak to the media after winning the award.

The Man of the Match award, issued by Budweiser, typically addresses the media after receiving the honour.

Mbappe has specifically stated in his image rights policy that he will not endorse junk food, alcohol, or sports betting.

He wants to ensure that his image is appropriate because he serves as a role model for many children around the world.

The beer giant is currently suing FIFA for $47 million after the organisation reversed its decision to permit beer sales in Qatar during the World Cup.

The first Muslim country to host the FIFA World Cup, Qatar, had previously agreed to permit fans to purchase alcohol outside of venues before and after games. The decision was reversed just days before the tournament began.

After the success of Qatar’s alcohol-free World Cup, many in the UK have called for the banning of alcohol at football matches.

Devoid of the nasty edge, the undertow of violence and the generally unpleasant tenor of behaviour that has traditionally been fuelled by alcohol, matches at the Qatar World Cup have been described as safer for women and more family-friendly and a trouble-free carnival atmosphere.

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