UN’s Guterres appeals for Gaza ceasefire at Doha Forum

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Sun, 2023-12-10 22:18

LONDON: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Sunday promised not to “give up” on urging the Security Council to pass a ceasefire resolution that would avert a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.

“Regrettably, the Security Council failed to do it, but that does not make it less necessary. So, I can promise I will not give up,” Guterres said at the opening session of the Doha Forum in Qatar.

The two-day gathering of regional and international leaders is being held to discuss ways to end Israel’s war on Gaza, aid efforts, and plans to release hostages.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres earlier said there was no effective protection of civilians in Gaza and that nowhere in Gaza was safe. (QNA)
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