Tunisia could lose its World Cup spot weeks ahead of 2022 kick off

FIFA laws state no government should interfere in its national football federation.

FIFA has sent a warning to the Tunisian Football Federation (TFF) stating that its participation at the World Cup could be threatened if government interference is found within the organisation.

In a letter communicated by FIFA’s Chief Member Associations Officer Kenny Jean-Marie, the governing body demanded clarification after Tunisia’s Youth and Sports Minister Kamel Deguiche had acted to disband federal offices.

The letter from Kenny Jean-Marie provided a reminder to Tunisia’s Deguiche to act independently from the TFF and avoid unwarranted influence by third parties.

“Any failure to comply with these obligations may result in the imposition of penalties under the FIFA laws, including suspension of the relevant association,” the letter confirmed by FIFA stated.

FIFA or TFF has stated no further comments, however, Souhail Khmira, a Tunisian sports journalist, has revealed information regarding the case.

“Over the past few months, the Minister of Sport has called on the FTF to postpone the domestic league and review kick-off dates,” said Khmira to the BBC.

“At one point he insinuated that the Ministry of Sport has the authority, according to Tunisian law, to dissolve federal bureaux. The FTF has seen that as a threat. That constant harassment was seen as interference and is what Fifa has been referring to,” added Khmira.

FIFA’s laws declare that all its member federations must be free from legal and political interference.

If the football body intends to ban Tunisian’s national team, it can remove it from the upcoming World Cup tournament.

In less than 20 days, Tunisia is set to face World Cup defenders France, Denmark and Australia in Group D in Qatar.

Zimbabwe and Kenya are currently serving suspensions by FIFA concerning governmental interference in the sport.

The governing body discontinued the two football associations from the league in February, owing to “undue interference by a third party.”

While suspended, both countries won’t receive any funding from FIFA, and their football teams will not be allowed to play in any matches.

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