Three firemen die after crane collapses during training in Qatar

Qatari authorities have yet to comment on the matter.

Three firemen believed to be Pakistani nationals died in Qatar on Tuesday after a crane collapsed during training at Hamad Port, a close relative confirmed to Doha News on Wednesday.

The three men who tragically died in the incident have been identified mainly by social media users as Yosef Mindar, Kaleem Allah, and Jalal. 

A close relative of one of the victims, Mindar, confirmed to Doha News that all three men were in their 30s. Mindar, a father of two, had lived his entire life in the Gulf state. The two other victims have families based in Pakistan.

Social media posts had initially claimed the three victims were Qatari and Kuwaiti nationals, though the relative confirmed this was incorrect.

The three were on top of a crane extended from a fire truck while undergoing training at the port. A video filmed by one of the three showed them spraying water from a hose on top of the crane.

However, images circulating on social media showed the collapsed crane.

News of the tragedy was followed with an outpouring of condolences from the local community, with people on social media praying for the families of the victims.

Jassim Fakhroo, CEO of the International Public Relations Association, tweeted,” May God have mercy on the martyrs of duty who dedicated themselves to the rescue of the homeland and people in the event of disasters and fires.”

Another social media user said, “May God have mercy on them and forgive them and grant them his vast gardens and bestow patience and solace upon his family.”

Doha News has reached out to authorities in Doha but has yet to receive a comment. However, social media users have urged for an investigation.

“How does a crane break? Is there an investigation into it? Perhaps there will be compensation for their families, although the financial compensation does not make up for the loss of a father, son, and brother,” said one Twitter user.

Echoing similar sentiments, one person said,“Do firefighters have life insurance and excellent salaries that fulfil their right to protect us and our property from fires and endangering their lives on a daily basis? I hope so, and if not, I hope that this will come true.”

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