The Pearl Island all set and ready to welcome the World Cup

New landmarks, services and events to attract the largest number of visitors.

United Development Company (UDC), the master developer of The Pearl and Gewan Islands, has announced its World Cup activities programme which includes events, new landmarks and festivities are aimed at attracting the largest number of visitors and tourists during the World Cup.

The Pearl Island, with its serene scenery and lively and vibrant shopping and dining areas, houses more than 360 operational retailers of world class quality that include: shops, restaurants, cafes, entertainment outlets and various other services.

All construction works are reported to be progressing at full swing and according to schedule as planned, many projects have already been completed while others are on the verge of official inauguration, keeping in line with all visions and promises made to World Cup visitors, fans and residents in becoming an ultimate fan destination for the World Cup and other aspirations. 

The iconic Corinthia Yacht Club in Porto Arabia will soon join the list of officially inaugurated landmarks with the announcement of its opening to yachting enthusiasts, yacht owners and, of course, Asian cuisine foodies with the opening of the famous Kai’s Songbird Restaurant from London.

Additionally, the official opening of Gewan Golf Club on Gewan Island, will provide state-of-the-art spacious golfing facilities in an innovative entertaining experience for golfing enthusiasts.

Something for everyone

The Pearl Island has transformed itself to accommodate all different tastes and whims through these projects and countless entertainment programs that are scheduled for a full month (covering the World Cup) all over the Island. 

Qanat Quartier will be adorned with the ‘Qarnevale Quartier’ event, an international masquerade-style festival, under the supervision of “Festi Group”, the organiser of the famous Venice Carnival, which will create an enchanting atmosphere that will increase the precinct’s splendor and captivating beauty.

As for Medina Centrale, ‘Medinafest’s’ epic parades will fill the lively and vibrant streets complete with world class entertainment in all forms including mobile car shows that will be presented by a selection of artists, musicians, and acrobats from around the world.

Catering to different tastes and bringing them together at the same time, Porto Arabia will have two festive events on opposite sides of the beautiful marina boardwalk, the first with an Arabian flavor and character ‘Arabia Experience’, where a group of handicrafts and traditional goods from Qatar’s rich heritage will be displayed, as well as enjoyable cultural activities.

As for the second event ‘Porto Beat’, a modern, vibrant, and musical aesthetic during which lights, glowing structures and live DJ performances create a captivating atmosphere.

What’s new in The Pearl?

A new completed landmark that has already attracted many visitors in Porto Arabia is the newly inaugurated Pearl Fountain. Other projects are getting their finishing touches such as; Duck Lake, Beach Centrale and The Pearl Photo Walk. 

The family-friendly “Beach Centrale”, which is located in the middle of The Pearl Island, has a main pool for adults connected to an artificial sandy beach, and another swimming pool and waterpark for kids, in addition to kiosks selling food and drinks, as well as showers and changing rooms.

Adjacent to this beach, the new Duck Lake features a large duck pond where the whole family can enjoy feeding the ducks and riding pedal boats, in addition to delighting in vast green areas, and two cycling and walking trails, as well as a beautiful 15-meter water fountain.

As more and more recreational spots and attractions are being made ready for visitors to enjoy during their visit to The Pearl Island, The Duck Lake and Beach Centrale facilities are expected to be the new family favorite hotspots, where children can engage in fun activities that not only contribute to their physical development but also aim to strengthen family bonds and quality time on the Island.

In order to facilitate movement between all the different landmarks, projects and events, United Development Company has made available to residents and visitors alike a new and essential “Pearl Bus” service which is completely free of charge, a hop on hop off system that improves convenience for everyone on the Island. In addition to this a new smart application has been developed that includes all the services, information, and details that a resident or tourist may need at their fingertips. 

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