Scottish man arrested in Iraq over Qatar loan debt freed

On September 4, Brian Glendinning was detained in Iraq for owing a Qatar National Bank £20,000.

A Scottish man who was detained in an Iraqi prison due to a debt he owed to a bank in Qatar has been released, reports say.

Brian Glendinning, 43, had been hired to work at a BP oil refinery in Iraq but was detained on September 12 at the airport in Baghdad due to an Interpol red notice.

However, Campaign group Detained in Dubai and  Interpol and Extradition Reform (IPEX) founder Radha Stirling, stated that Glendinning’s family is currently setting up flights, and they expect that he’ll be home as soon as tonight.

Gleninning has been in prison since September, and was told he may be extradited to Qatar to serve a two-year prison sentence.

On being taken into custody, Glendinning was informed that Qatar had issued the Interpol notice due to an alleged debt owed to the Qatar National Bank.

However, according to the BBC, the Qatar-based bank issued a clearance note stamped by authorities in Doha to relieve him of extradition.

Because of the low interest rates, it is believed that Brian obtained a £20,000 loan while he was residing in the Middle East in 2016.

His family claims that he was making loan payments up until the following year, when he was forced to leave his job in Qatar due to poor health.

They also stated that he was never made aware that an arrest warrant had been issued for him in 2017 due to the unpaid debt until they learned of it after his arrest.

His close friends and family organised a demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament two weeks ago to ask officials to put pressure on the government to assist in his release.

The Guardian reported that Interpol will now be the target of a class action lawsuit for what Stirling described as a “consistent and repetitive” abuse of power.

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