Qatar rolls out new ‘advanced radars’ to catch phone users at the wheel

Radars will now catch several violations other than speed to prevent road accidents and ensure safety.

Failure to wear a seatbelt, using phones while driving and speeding violations are now more likely to be caught across Qatar as authorities roll out new advances radars.

The newly-installed radars have been set up across the country to monitor violations and enhance safety as more people are expected to flock into Qatar during the World Cup tournament this month, scheduled to kick -off on Sunday.

“Overspeeding, using a mobile phone while driving, and failure to wear a seat belt will be monitored using specific radars newly installed on streets across the country. Please adhere to traffic rules to ensure road safety and reduce accidents,” the interior ministry said.

For months, authorities have been working to enhance traffic movements and ensure optimum safety to reduce traffic accidents.

In the month of July, traffic accidents witnessed a 15.7% decline compared to the previous month, according to a recent report by The Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA).

The released bulletin, which is part of statistical newsletters released on a monthly basis, revealed that a total of 629 traffic cases were recorded during July.

In the same month, minor injuries made up 92.4% of all traffic accident cases, with severe injuries making up 4.5%. Meanwhile, 20 fatalities were reported, which represents 3.2% of all traffic accident cases.

However, despite the dip in monthly numbers, the overall record marked an annual rise of 24.3% compared to last year.

Delivery motorcycles

Meanwhile, authorities recently said motorcycle drivers found to be operating in a manner that does not conform to rules in place for riders in the delivery sector will be in violation of the law.

A statement from the General Traffic Administration warned delivery bike riders must remain on the right lane of traffic, with containers placed on top of the vehicle, organised, arranged, fixed, or tied securely so that it cannot move or fall.

Additionally, the driver must wear a helmet at all times and use both hands to hold the handlebars.

Dedicated public bus lane

As part of a road plan, fines are also being issued for using the designated public bus lane on A-Ring Road.

The committee highlighted that the lane is only intended for use by public buses, taxis, and authorised cars. 

Authorities will fine any unauthorised vehicles using it in accordance with Article 49. These vehicles are only permitted to use the lane from 2am to 8am.

Given that it connects a wide range of business, residential, and service areas, as well as numerous tourist attractions, the A-Ring Road is regarded as one of Doha’s most important roadways.

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