Qatar cracks down on road rules for delivery riders ahead of spike in traffic

There has been a continuous rise in the number of accidents involving motorcycles used to deliver orders, an official warned.

Motorcycle drivers found to be operating in a manner that does not conform to rules in place for riders in the delivery sector will be in violation of the law as of Wednesday, authorities said.

A statement from the General Traffic Administration warned delivery bike riders must remain on the right lane of traffic, with containers placed on top of the vehicle, organised, arranged, fixed, or tied securely so that it cannot move or fall.

Containers must not be wider than 60 cm or longer than 120 cm, and must not obstruct the driver’s view.

Additionally, the driver must wear a helmet at all times and use both hands to hold the handlebars.

The rules and conditions for delivery motorcycles were defined and reviewed in an effort to control traffic, the General Directorate of Traffic (GDT) announced in a press conference.

Given the steady growth and rising demand for delivery services, the measures are part of GDT’s efforts to increase road safety and security, and decrease fatalities from traffic accidents.

Brigadier Mohammed Al Hajri, the director of the GDT’s Traffic Awareness Department, urged owners of relevant companies to adhere to the new rules and regulations, warning failure to do so would violate risks a fine of QAR 1,500.

Lieutenant General Jaber Mohammed Adiba, Director of Traffic Awareness Department noted failure to comply with public safety regulations has resulted in a continuous rise in the number of accidents involving delivery motorcycles, Qatar News Agency reported.

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