International security forces arrive in Qatar ahead of World Cup

The Gulf state has partnered with several countries in an effort to ensure utmost security at the sporting event.

Thirteen nations, including the US, UK, Turkey, France, Germany and Pakistan, are sending security personnel to Qatar in an effort to bolster security at the FIFA World Cup tournament in November.

The forces have already started arriving through the country’s borders, ensuring maximum protection ahead of the kick-off in less than a week.

On Friday, two British ships from the UK arrived at the Umm Al-Houl Naval Base as part of a joint cooperation between both nations. The ships, Bangor and Guardian, were received by the Amiri Naval Forces, according to Qatar News Agency (QNA).

The European country is sending Royal Navy and Royal Air Force to help secure the sea and air bases during the World Cup.

“The arrival of the two ships comes within the cooperation agreements concluded by the Ministry of Defence with brotherly and friendly forces to secure the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022,” said QNA, adding that “upon arriving at the base, the crew of the two ships expressed their happiness for being in the State of Qatar and for their participation in securing this global football event.”

Turkish and Pakistani ships have also arrived at the same base to participate in securing the grand tournament. Pakistan alone is sending an estimated 4,500 armed soldiers, while Turkey is sending 3,000 riot police officers.

France agreed in December last year to send personnel and material to the Gulf state, including a BASSALT anti-drone system that detects and identifies incoming drones. France also said it will be sending one of its Air Force’s four E-3F Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS), which can track hundreds of targets.

The soldiers and officers are expected to be deployed on security duties inside and outside the venues. Some will also be assigned to guard hotels and tourist spots around the Gulf nation, officials have stated.

Meanwhile, US forces who are expected to aid in protecting the country during the tournament have also landed in Doha. Their deployment comes in accordance with the joint cooperation agreements between both nations.

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