How Heinz used an innovative marketing stunt at the World Cup in Qatar

Thomas Heinz, one of the many people carrying the Heinz last name, previously led a regular life in Hamburg, Germany, but has transformed into a walking billboard for Heinz Arabia

Thomas Heinz is dressed in red and white, hidden in the crowd, and calling on football fans to find him for a prize worth more than 10,000 QAR ($2,700 US dollars).

Thomas Heinz, an unlikely hero of the brand who is currently in Doha, is attending the most anticipated games and mingling with fans while wearing a jersey with his name on it. He’s making Heinz the most looked-for name of the season.

Heinz is turning Doha into a huge treasure hunt for visitors and locals alike by giving away exclusive merchandise and a grand prize worth QR 10,000 to those who manage to spot him in the crowd. This stunt is reminiscent of the classic “Where’s Waldo?” series.

Heinz Arabia contacted Thomas Heinz about attending football’s biggest event on behalf of the company through this humorous but effective stunt that successfully spread the Heinz name throughout the stadium and the surrounding area.

Instead of spending money on conventional advertising, Heinz Arabia found a more effective method by looking through its social network for one of the thousands of Heinzs who could represent the well-known brand and take over the football conversation.

Thomas Heinz, who previously led a regular life in Hamburg, Germany, has transformed into a walking billboard for Heinz Arabia and found himself at the centre of what is arguably the season’s biggest non-advertising advertising stunt.

“I never thought my name would go viral. I mean, I’ve been referred to as Heinz Ketchup pretty often as a joke. But this… this is really something else. This is real. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of experience,” Thomas Heinz said in a statement.

Fans can use the hashtag #FindHeinz and follow his Instagram account @thomas.heinz22 to learn more about his whereabouts and possibly win with him.

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