Hayya Card requirement to enter Qatar scrapped for GCC nationals, residents

The “Hayya” card, which formerly served as both a match ticket and a visa for entry into Qatar, will still be required to enter World Cup stadiums.

The Ministry of the Interior announced that residents and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) who do not possess a FIFA World Cup match ticket will be permitted to enter Qatar without a Hayya Card.

The Ministry also said that match ticket holders who want to watch the games live in a stadium must sign up on the Hayya website.

In its most recent announcement, the MOI stated that as of December 6, 2022, citizens and residents of GCC countries will be permitted to enter Qatar through the various entry points into the country without the need to obtain a Hayya Card for non-match ticket holders, in accordance with the customary entry procedures.

Entry procedures using buses at the land border

All travellers using the land border crossing will have access to bus transportation as usual. Visitors will also be given parking spaces without charge.

Entry through the land border using private vehicles

Beginning on December 8, 2022, individuals from GCC nations and residents who are crossing the land border in their own vehicles will be permitted entry. They must submit an application for a permit on the Ministry of Interior website at least 12 hours before departure; there is no fee for the permit.

The Ministry further stated that this action is part of the state’s efforts to give guests, GCC nationals, and residents of GCC countries the chance to enjoy the atmosphere surrounding the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 matches and its entertainment activities for the duration of the competition.

Additionally, this will make it easier for thousands of fans to enter through all ports and join them in designated fan zones and screening areas to support the best footballers in the world.

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