Google Meet could soon integrate YouTube, Spotify and UNO! 

Tired of sitting through dull meetings all day? Well, Google is trying to make it a little bit more enjoyable with new potential additions.

YouTube, Spotify, Kahoot! and more services may soon be available for live sharing in Google Meet, the company revealed.

Consumers and businesses will all use the same calling and messaging technology under one roof as the tech-giant looks to transition Google Duo into Google Meet—revealing new additions to make user experience way more entertaining.

[Google Meet]

The team is also looking into adding a new feature that lets users share third-party apps, providing some relief to those who have to sit through protracted, dull meetings for a long time.

Not only that, but the company has also added productivity tool named GQuees – Task Manager for Teams. That means that each of these apps have their own icons inside Google Meet itself, making them more accessible and organised for all parties involved.

However, Google seems to have decided to turn Google Meet into a third-party app rather than integrating it into its own app, according to 9to5Google, which conducted an APK Insights study on the most recent Meet app for Android.

This might mean that the feature won’t be available on iOS or the web version, just on Android. On the other hand, it is also likely that Google Meet will instantly create a new room and let users join with a single swipe for games like UNO!

If all goes according to plan, users will be able to ‘live share’ their Android UNO session (and subsequently play the game with call participants), engage in teamwork through Kahoot! quizzes, share YouTube films and view them together, listen to Spotify songs in real-time, and even manage GQueues together.

When it comes to streaming apps like Spotify and YouTube, though, it is still unclear how Google will synchronise users, but an update is expected soon.

What is more surprising is that all updates and new additions are being made to the original app [Meet], the legacy software that will be phased out once the Meet-Duo merger is complete.

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