From Paris to Miami? Inter Miami confident for Messi 2023 signing

Inter Miami is convinced that they will be signing famed Lionel Messi in the coming summer, according to a report from The Athletic.

As Messi’s two-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain is set to end in 2023, the Miami club is expecting to be the next destination for the footballer.

For several years now, Inter Miami has been seriously interested in landing the Argentine superstar, with conversations dating back to Messi’s time with Barcelona.

Talks between co-owner brothers Jorge and Jose Mas, alongside English legend David Beckham, have reportedly been rejuvenated to becoming binding negotiations.

Messi’s father, Jorge, has been the point of contact as he has represented his son throughout his career as his agent.

As the World Cup nears, conversations have been paused with Messi continually saying that he wishes to focus his body and mind on the upcoming tournament.

At 35 years old, Messi is still anointed to be at his peak performance in Paris. However, the prospect of him leaving the Parisians is imaginable as he has himself expressed interest in playing in America.

“I always said that I have the impression that I would like to enjoy the experience of living in the United States, of playing in that league and experiencing that life, but if it happens or not, I don’t know,” said Messi in an interview with La Sexta.

Financially, Inter Miami would be a sensible destination for Messi since his family owns luxurious property in the city.

As the football world gears for Qatar’s World Cup, attention will be swayed to the North American World Cup in 2026.

The combined tournament hosting and the appearance of football’s debated ‘GOAT’ is a monumental demand for the MLS.

After the purchase of the Mas brothers, Inter Miami became valued at $600M-$650M, becoming the highest-valued MLS franchise.

Meanwhile, as Barcelona wrestles with debt, returning to the club appears difficult for Messi, who is seeking to be secured by a contending team with the financial capabilities.

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