Egyptian doctor honoured for 17-years of volunteering at orphanage

Complaints emerging from Qatar’s only orphanage were once left unheard, a Doha News exclusive report last year revealed.

An Egyptian doctor who served as a volunteer for 17 years at the Orphans Care Centre, Dreama, has been honoured in appreciation of his dedication and devotion to caring for orphans in Qatar.

Management and staff took their applause of gratitude to the corridors of the centre as gesture of appreciation of Medhat Al Sayed Hafedh’s act of goodwill service.

The centre is home to hundreds of children that have either been orphaned, abandoned or struggled in unsafe family environments.

The state-funded orphanage provides shelter, financial support, medical services as well as education for the country’s most vulnerable children.

It also works closely with local authorities and the community to raise awareness of the issues surrounding orphans while also assisting foster parents.

The centre even provides guidance and advice during orphans’ university studies, professional training, and personal lives once the orphans turn 18.

“Our support procedures are long established and aim to empower orphans into adulthood.”

Previous data provided to Doha News by Dreama showed more than 300 orphans at the centre have found jobs and are stable in their work, a statement said.

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