Blue Salon welcomes FIFA World Cup in Doha

Prominent luxury department store in Qatar Blue Salon has welcomed the FIFA World Cup in a special way by engaging with local designers to create and design exclusive items, such as backpacks, candles and luxurious 100% chamois silk scarves. 

Blue Salon has engaged with local talented designers, to create and design exclusive items such as backpacks, candles, and luxurious 100% chamois silk ladies’ scarf. 

All the merchandise has been designed and created by Blue Salon Group. They convey alluring artworks, demonstrating every design element which delivers hidden messages that represents cheering, spirit, crowd, and the essence of the football vibe that is present only at the games’ venues.

Blue Salon greatly supports the notion of local artists and designers and encourages them to take part in major events in Qatar by giving them the opportunity to design for big department stores. 

Its stores are selling merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, backpacks, scarves, accessories, and fan cheer gear. Clientele can experience, share and collect these pieces to reminisce all the memories associated with this unique tournament for a lifetime.

Blue Salon organised an in-store station during the opening of the FIFA World Cup, which included a face-painting station, where people got their faces painted with the flag of the team they were cheering for. Additionally, they bought gifts, and souvenirs, and shopped around the retail section.

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