Al Shaqab to host equestrian events ahead of Qatar World Cup

Equestrian events can now be added to Qatar’s Winter World Cup extravaganza after the country’s officials confirmed that the country will host several affairs for fans to witness during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The Commercial Manager of Al Shaqab, Omar Al Mannai, stated that the country’s equestrian center will be open to visitors at the World Cup tournament.

Al Mannai highlighted Al Shaqab as a hallmark of Qatar’s equestrian heritage as the facility has hosted several international and regional tournaments over the last decade.

The Longines Hathab tour

The ongoing Longines Hathab tour is currently being held at Al Shaqab and will continue to run throughout the World Cup, coming to an end in April next year.

Tours kicked off on 2nd September and are organised in a series of 14 individual and team competitions; categorised into several events such as show-jumping and dressage.

Over the weekend, Mohammed Khalifa Albaker clinched first place after sealing the Open Class title in the second round of the tour.

Various age groups participated in the event, as 14-year-old Haya Khalid Al Hitmi came first in the Junior Small competition.

History of Al Shaqab

Al Shaqab’s equestrian heritage stretches back to 1992, with the Father Amir, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani’s mission of wanting to preserve the Arabian horse breed.

The Arabian is a versatile horse that dominates today’s equestrian sport with its potent health and robust strength. It dates back to the country’s pastime as Bedouins used the horse for travel, economy and battle.

Al Shaqab’s mission over the years has developed to empower and inform the local community about the sport of horseriding while also growing its global presence in equestrian riding.

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